Helpful Info

Welcome to the Helpful Info page of my website.

I absolutely … 100% … LOVE what I do. I also want to make sure that while planning for your event, that you too, LOVE, what you are doing. Planning a large party can be daunting and somewhat stressful, but that does not mean it needs to be painful and something that you are dreading. As a planner, one of my many jobs is to make sure that you are enjoying the planning process from beginning to end. I often suggest to my clients that at any point in the process, if things begin to feel more like a chore; or you are willing to do anything OTHER than the tasks that are in front of you … to take a break. Take a week or even two weeks and do not do anything related to your event. This time off helps to bring back into focus why you are planning the event and also puts into perspective the things that are important and perhaps the things that are not.

I have complied a few items in this section that can assist you when you are beginning the planning process. I hope you find them useful.