Ashley and Ross
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Event Details :

Date: 14 March

Unique Item: Larrison Photography, The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum, Jeff Thomas Catering, Rev. Scott DeMarco, Kick It Up DJ, Buona Terra

Client: Ashley and Ross

Where do I begin? Colleen and Ava Rose Event Design were everything I could have possibly wanted in a wedding coordinator. From our initial meeting Colleen was encouraging of my ideas and “vision” for the wedding. She was excited about the details right from the start! I told Colleen what my budget was and she and I worked out a package that suited both of us. After that first meeting, my mom and I knew Colleen would be a great fit for our little wedding team.

I hired Colleen to be a day-of wedding coordinator. We met a few times in person prior to the wedding and exchanged many, many emails. I was very organized and knew what I wanted the ceremony and reception to look like, but I did not want my friends and family to “work” the event. I needed a coordinator who would take charge of the day, make decisions on my behalf, and allow my friends and family to relax and celebrate without worrying about details. That is exactly how it played out. Colleen kept the day rolling, set up the entire reception decor, had people in the correct place at the correct time, and I just did as I was told. It was amazing.

One specific detail Colleen managed exactly how I needed her to:

After many conversations and emails, my venue manager had a different idea of what the ceremony seating was going to look like than I did. It was just crossed-communication absolutely no one’s fault. However, at the final details meeting two days before the event, the seating arrangement came to light and I finally understood what he was envisioning and I realized it was not what I was envisioning. After speaking with Colleen we discussed the pros and cons and she said the best words I could have ever heard. She told me when I saw the venue manager’s seating arrangements the next day at the rehearsal I needed to decide if I liked it or not. If I DID NOT all I had to do was tell her and she would take care of it. She would even have the venue manager completely redo the room, if necessary. In the end, we only had to change a few things, which Colleen did manage, however the stress she removed from me when she said she would take care of it was immense.

If you are considering whether or not to include a wedding (or any event for that matter!) coordinator in your budget, I would encourage you to think about your guests. Spending a few extra hundred dollars (depending on which package you choose) on a coordinator can make your event enjoyable for all and take stress off you! I would also encourage you to choose Colleen and Ava Rose Event Design. She is a joy to work with and be around. And you instantly know she will be able to manage your special event.

My family and friends commented on Colleen’s professionalism and sweet demeanor but also her tenaciousness. Many of the other vendors we used (DJ, Photographers, Venue Manager, Minister) enjoyed working with Colleen and I know they all made professional connections and will be working with each other in the future. I am very thankful for Colleen and Ava Rose Event Design. You made our wedding the best experience.





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